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A320 & A350 profile prints

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Here are few pictures of the latest profiles and compositions available as Art Prints from me. As always, the print quality is amazing thanks to carefully prepared files but also thanks to the Hanhemühle Pearl Fine Art paper which is just perfect for this kind of product.

The A320 MSN001 in first flight livery and sharklet special livery are here presented in 58x18cm format. Details are well preserved by the print process, which is very rewarding considering the amount of time I spent on drawing all those details (lines, sensors, rivets, markings...).

The A350-1000 are in both 58x18cm and 30x9cm format, to let you see the difference.

The largest piece is the 80x40cm "The Many Faces of MSN0001" poster! In one poster all the major liveries and configurations of the first built A320.

And the "A320neo Flight Test Fleet" is shown here in 60x40cm format. Gradients are perfect!

You are interested in having one of these, or others? (see the A320 profiles collection and the A350 profiles collection) You want to order an almost unique artwork for your office? These are Limited Edition, numbered and signed prints, so you'll get a truly special print like no other.

Prices are (shipping included for France and part of Europe):
- 80x40cm "The Many Faces of MSN0001" : 100€
- 60x40cm "A320neo Flight Test Fleet" : 75€
- 60x20cm A320 or A350 profiles : 50€
- 45x15cm profile : 40€

Just drop me a message via the contact form for any enquiries!

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