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Most of my work is available as Limited Edition Art Prints, made exclusively on request.

An Art Print is a collection print that cannot exist in unlimited number. I propose here something completely different from the mainstream decoration items one can find in furniture retail shops for instance. I'm sure you see what I mean ;)

For yourself or as a gift, the pictures and drawings identified so on this website are available to order as Art Prints. What does it mean? It means each print is made on demand, in limited edition, numbered and signed by the author, on high quality photo paper, aluminium dibond, canvas or plexiglas... Formats range from roughly 30x40cm to 150x100cm. Framing is proposed as an option. The ordered print is then shipped via postal services or parcel services, mainly in Europe but international shipping outside Europe is possible of course.

You will notive that there are three categories of Art Prints here : I indeed propose three series defined as follows:

The majority of my work is part of the "Classic Series", as far as art prints are concerned. The prints from this series are limited to 30 maximum, whatever the medium or the format. Each print is numbered and proposed at a reasonable cost (shipping in EU included). But only selected formats are possible : 45x30cm, 60x40cm and 90x60cm (and associated square or pano formats). Only some selected supports are also available : canvas, direct print on aluminium dibond, photo paper print bonded on aluminium. Doing so I can propose the "Classic Series" prints as affordable as possible, still maintaining a high standard of quality.

A sub-category of the "Classic Series" is dedicated to my aviation profile illustrations. Still limited to 30 prints, but available only on Fine Art Paper with possibility to have it bonded on an aluminium dibond plate. It is called the "Classic Aero Series" and applies on most of my profile illustrations (except specific posters).

Typical pricing for a standard 60x40cm print on aluminium from the Classic Series would be around 160€ (equivalent to a flight hour in most french airclubs ;) ).

All the images available in the "Classic Series" and "Classic Aero Series" are listed here:

Classic Series Art Prints

Classic Aero Series Art Prints

The "Collector Series" is a premium category of Art Prints I propose. It is associated to special artwork or photos I particularly like and I consider as part of my "best-of". The art prints of this series are for collectible fans, for those who want something different but can accept that other people may have the same framed picture in their living-room.

Indeed, the Collector Series is a very Limited Edition collection : no more than 9 prints can be ordered and manufactured. And formats and supports are almost unlimited. Ranging from, say, 30x15cm to something like 180x60cm, you can order whatever size you want. Supports are : Photo Paper, Canvas, Aluminium Dibond, Plexiglas-protected photo on dibond, brushed metal plate... And I can propose framed solutions in option.

Of course, the price of very Limited Edition prints is a little bit higher than for the "Classic Series". For instance a standard 60x40cm print on aluminium would be around 320€.

All the images available in the "Collector Series" are listed here:

Collector Series Art Prints

The last category is the "Exclusive Series". This is Ultra-Limited Edition art prints for my best artwork or what I consider as my "best-of-the-best" photos. For this category I wanted to propose something almost unique. This is for art collector, art lover, for those who want exclusivity or for those who want to make a truly unique and personal gift. The few images from the "Exclusive Series" will be available in only 3 prints in all. Not 30, not 9 but only 3 (three) in the entire world. This comes from the idea I would like to have one print for me, one for you and a final one for instance as a present to a very special person (a friend, a pilote, an association...). Prints will be numbered 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3, and of course signed.

Obviously for an "Exclusive" art print, almost all formats and supports are possible. Special, high-end print technologies can be envisaged such as HD sublimation print on metal plate. A large choice of frames is also available : gallery frame, wood artbox, aluminium artbox. This is a very customized piece of art I can propose.

Exclusivity comes at a certain price, but keep in mind that each picture will exist in only 3 prints in all. And so, for a typical 60x40cm print on aluminium dibond, price would be around 460€.

All the images from the "Exclusive Series" are liste here:

Exclusive Series Art Prints

So now, if you are interested in ordering one art print, don't hesitate to ask for a quote. I would need the reference of the picture you like (a link would be perfect), the print size you want and if you already have a preference, the type of print that would suit you. Please use the contact form (see the navigation bar).

If you need more information on art prints, don't hesitate either!

Thank you.


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