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Here is my latest creation in the A320 profile collection : an exclusive poster featuring the 7 aircraft in the A320 family with a round serial number (in thousands). So here are MSN1000, MSN2000, MSN3000, MSN4000, MSN5000, MSN6000 and MSN7000.

Poster 7000 aircraft and counting

Each aircraft profile is accurate as far as possible, and depicts the special sticker some aircraft were carrying on delivery.

It is interesting to note the delivery pace of the A320 family (including A318, A319, A320 and A321). In the early years (around 1990) the delivery curve was quite flat, but the acceleration is steady: it took almost 10 years to deliver the first 1000 aircraft, only 2 years to deliver the number 6001 to number 7000.

This poster so is a celebration of the success of the A320 family (although it is not endorsed in any way by Airbus ;). It is of course available as Art Print (numbered and signed). Just drop me a message or a email for a free quotation.

Below are some details of the poster.

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