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It has been several months since I posted something here, and frankly speaking I didn' see them passing. As you are getting older, time is flying faster, it seems...

Anyway, those past months I were quite buzy with various stuffs. One of them was going abroad for a new living style, changing job and country. Now I'm leaving in Zürich, Switzerland. We made the jumb mid-march, right in the middle of the COVID-19 crazy crisis. Obviously our arrival in our new place was not as expected in term of new possibilities, new areas to explore. Due to lockdown, there was no easy way to go out and take photos. That's not a big deal, I had other things to do such as drawing new illustrations, preparing current work on another historical airliner, after so many years with Concorde.

By the way, don't miss the new Concorde-Redux Series image I just uploaded : first one in the classic British Airways Landor livery!

Concorde Redux 30 - Landor

So in the next coming months I will try and update this website more often, hopefully with beautiful pictures of the Swiss countryside in the Zürich area, and also with new vintage aircraft illustrations.

I have tons of ideas for new illustrations, trips etc... but I'm lacking free time. But at the same time I'm working on really great project here at my new job, meeting great people from all other Europe.

Let's see what future will bring us ;)

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